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Uncover the 6 Simple Steps to Bathroom Renovation

So you recently bought a home in Aurora but you’re not satisfied with the way the old owner did the bathrooms? Well, then looks like you need to contact your nearest bathroom renovations Aurora to remodel your washroom.

But, since it’s a hefty investment, you don’t want to end up being cheated, right? Thus, this blog will explain 6 steps to bathroom remodeling that every contractor will offer you.aurora bathroom renovations

Let’s Begin:

Step 1: Demolition and Cleaning

The first thing, your bathroom renovations Aurora will ask you to do is clean the washroom and clear out all the toiletries and furniture. After you remove all the necessary cupboards, baskets, and toiletries your bathroom contractors will start the procedure of demolishing your washroom. First, these professionals will remove the sink, bath, toilet, and vanity. Secondly, they’ll remove the tiles to ensure that the walls come down sooner. After they successfully demolish the washroom and clean up the residue comes the second step.

Step 2: Electrical Ministrations

If the house you bought was an old one then chances are the electrical wires in the bathroom need a tweaking. So, your selected bathroom renovations Aurora will work on removing old connections and add new plugins and wires in your bathroom.

This will help provide more light and options for heating or cooling of water etc. Now, sometimes in bigger bathrooms to compliment the many plugins your contractor will also change the electrical panels.

bathroom renovations aurora

Step 3: Plumbing

Once the electrical lines are done, the next work is usually done with plumbing. Your selected contractors will connect plumbing lines while installing rough-ins for water connection for a shower, drainage, toilet, and sink. These rough-ins are pulled out from underneath the floor and connected to the washroom.

Now, this task needs to be addressed by professionals and hence, don’t end up picking low budget contractors as they don’t usually come with professional plumber’s

Step 4: Installing Drywalls on Ceilings Along with Tiles

Now, you already know that humidity levels in a washroom are remotely higher than other areas of the house. This humidity often gets very high and is not suitable for the regular walls. Hence, your trusted bathroom renovations Aurora will firstly install drywall on the ceiling to absorb and contain bathroom humidity.

After this is complete they will work on installing the tiles chosen by you. Tiles are vital parts of bathroom aesthetics that make the washroom look clean, crisp and attractive.

bathrooms aurora

Step 5: Adding Plumbing and Electrical Connections

Almost all reputed bathroom renovation contractors come with trained electricians and plumbers that help in connecting the electrical outlets to the heaters and lights and syncing them with the bathtub, sinks, and toilet.

The professional plumber links the waterline to these outlets to help in the free flow of water and facilitate proper drainage.

Step 6: Last Clean up

Once the bathroom is renovated as per your desires, your selected bathroom renovations Aurora will wrap up after cleaning the washroom of any debris or electrical wire residue that can cause trouble later.

So, now that you know the 6 steps every trusted renovator provides find your most suited bathroom contractor and remodel your washroom.


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