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5 Best Home Safe For The Year 2019, That You Cannot Do Without

Today home safety is becoming an important issue. People want to keep their valuables safe when they are leaving houses for a longer period Of time. Every area is prone to attack if you don’t keep your valuables in a safe place so buying a residential safe is very important. Residential safes come in different sizes and shape so you will be spoilt for choices to select one. Let us look at the best home safe for the year 2019.residential safes

  1. The Burg Wachter Combi-Line CL10EFS Security & Fire Safe

The cost of this residential safe is around 396 euros, this is small in size and is considered perfect for storing valuables which are small in size, for example, platinum and gold jewelry. This home safe has an internal shelf for easy storage. The lock has 6 digits, the best part is it considered to be fire safe for 30 minutes. It has a double walled construction which makes it impossible to break. It takes the fingerprint programming for up to 10   fingers.

  1. Phoenix Next LS7002FO

This is a luxury self which has a finishing of modern oak wood. It has a very high-security fingerprint panel and a touch lock. You will be amazed to know that it can take up to 128 different fingerprints. This high-security home safe comes with internal alarm, hidden, code, and dual control. It is also fire safe for 60 minutes. This modern luxury lock has been impact tested from 10m and proves to be insulated.

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  1. Sentry SFW123GTF USB Port Safe

This is the best Home safe for flood-prone areas, as it provides protection from water for one day and fire for 1 hour, this is used for storing electronic items and it comes with a USB charging port. It is known for its versatility in usage.

  1. Burton Primo 2E

This is one of the most economical low-cost electronic security safes which is ideal for office usage and home. It comes with motorized bolts and anti-tamper protection. It has an electronic digital lock and has a shelf for increasing the Storage Area. It comes with a six-digit pin code and has been known to be the most user-friendly electronic lock. It comes with one key.

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  1. Keysecure Victor Eurograde

This is extremely lightweight and small in size, this comes with a high-security digital lock which is programmable and has three-way locking Bolt. This lock weighs 41 kg and you can Store extra valuable and cash as it comes with anti drill plates.

Bottom Line: Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you select the home safe. You should consider the size, the smaller sizes have compact to the larger ones. Larger ones are preferred if you have more things to store. Selecting the right size has to be considered for the things you put inside. You have to look for residential safes, which keep your valuable products safe. You must go for waterproof and fireproof safes. These days advanced saves which use fingerprint as the main locking structure has come into use, these are called biometric safes. Also look for locks that have an additional key, which will save you in cases you forget the password or the batteries are dead.